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in oakland spent the fran tracking robbery sus-- in afternoon tracking robbery suspects. traffic in the area slowed to a crawl as a result. news chopper 2 was over head as one of the men was taken into custody. >>> pipe bomb found today in front of a elementary school. police cleared the area and brought in the bomb squad who safely disposed the of device. >>> police are turning to the public to help identify who shot and killed two people inside their home this week, leaving their child unharmed. police began receiving called about 12:45 a.m. yesterday afternoon that shots were fired. they found the two dead from gun shot wounds. police say it was not a murder- suicide. but aside from that they have little information about the killer or killers. >>> the woman convicted of killing michelle le learned her punishment today. giselle esteban was sentenced to 25 years to life. prosecutors said giselle esteban killed michelle le in may 2011 in the belief that michelle le was having a relationship with the father of giselle esteban's daughter. >> not what is right but it is the most they can do. a
of the oakland police department. mayor jean quan and police chief howard jordan were both there speaking. now, basically what the deal involves is that civil rights attorneys and the city of oakland have agreed to a deal. they did so in federal court that would prevent the federal receivership of the oakland police department. the court documents outline a settlement that still has police reform an oversight just not by the department of justice. the agreement must be approved by the federal judge currently overseeing the case. instead of receivership attorneys, lawyers are calling -- instead of receivership, excuse me, lawyers are calling the deal receivership light. the department would be overseen by someone called a compliance officer. that person would then report back to the judge. ktvu's john was inside that room there where that press conference just ended moments ago and he's been following this story. john, take it from there. >> all right, frank, yeah, they just wrapped up this press conference about one minute ago literally. they just walked out. they're do ago town hall meeting o
in oakland the flag was lowered to half staff. the president has ordered all flags be lowered to half staff until tuesday. scenes like this one in san francisco played out across the country this evening. >>> other leaders reacting throughout the day about this shooting. both of california senators were quick to send out statements this first one from senator dianne feinstein. she said quote i am horrified and incensed by today's tragedy in connecticut. these massacres don't seem to stop, they continue on and on. and governor barbara boxer says, this touches us all so deeply. and it is long past time that we enacted sensible gun laws and school safety legislation. >>> whenever there's a tragedy like this the debate over gun control heats up. coming up in less than 10 minutes a look at this case and california laws when it comes to guns. >> we want to know go live to newton connecticut, maribel aber is there. it's a little after 9:00 in the evening. it's been a long and difficult day. maribel can you giver -- give us an idea of what's happening in the community right now. >> hi gasia and ke
that warehouse was a marijuana growing operation. now about 20 officers from oakland's crime reduction unit this morning raided the warehouse on edge water drive near oakland airport. they bagged marijuana plants they is a produced 20 to 30 pounds of pot a month or 700 plants. police also recovered approximately $40,000 in cash and 2 starter pistols. police arrested two men, one of them 63 years old. late this afternoon, a long time marijuana activist came by. he says he is the one running the operation. and he says they shut off the power and he went inside and saw the stems of the plant had been cut. he was trying to do the right thing and thought he has the right permits to run an operation for medical marijuana but police say he did not have the right permits in place. now that man says he plans on failing out the two men that have been arrested and he plans to call his lawyer. reporting live in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. >> bart is stepping up security for holiday travelers in san francisco and oakland. more police will be patrolling downtown stations. in oakland they'll team up wit
are learning more about a shooting in oakland this morning that wounded four people. officers say they found three men suffering from gunshot wounds around 7:30 this morning near international boulevard, between 84th and 85th avenues. all three men were hospitalized. a fourth female victim was dropped off at the hospital. all of the victims are expected to be okay. police say two people were arrested in connection with this shooting. >>> a teenage boy is in critical condition after a drive-by shooting in san francisco's intermission district. police say just before 1:30 this morning, four men in a car opened fire on the teen near the intersection of potraro avenue and 24th. the wounded boy managed to walk a block to san francisco general hospital. the victim's name and age have not been released. >>> we are on storm watch again tonight. the latest system is bringing lingering rain across the bay area, starting this morning in the north bay, then moving south. here's a look at the scene, at san francisco's union square, was the wet weather didn't deter holiday shoppers. it is causing delays o
is in oakland with the push by the state to keep guns away from certain people. >> reporter: getting guns out of the hands of the mentally disabled has been a big issue. >> reporter: side by side with agents last month we were there as they confiscated guns from those deemed to have a mental disability. 2,000 fire arms have been seized by prohibited persons in california. today we met a first time gun buyer. >> responsibility of the owners and their mental health is a huge concern. >> reporter: do you have a gun? >> no. >> reporter: she says she supports the president wanting to improve mental health resources and create stricter gun laws. >> it is scary out there. >> they are hot right now. >> reporter: on the president gun parole push. -- gun push. >> i think the pressure is high on him to do something. >> reporter: just like president obama said today those we spoke to wanted to emphasize the majority of gun owners in america are responsible. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. [ singing ] >>> more than 200 people gathered to pray and pay tribute today. today's mass was dedicated to the sand
: some here in oakland are wondering what one man can do here. three overnight homicides on the streets of east oakland, one of the city's toughest areas it happened in the span of just three hours. crime scene technicians were still gathering evidence this afternoon across the street from abdellaoui. >> we hear things happening in oakland but usually on international avenue or other places. >> reporter: it's not the only city to hire this man to help fight crime. brad bradley is the former police chief that brought down crime in new york and los angeles. >> you can't say that's a bad choice. let's hope he's a good fit. >> reporter: burress is a long time outspoken critic of the oakland police department. >> surprising that the city has retained bill bratton at this stage in light of the fact that we're in the process of seeking to obtain a compliance director that would have substantial responsibilities. >> reporter: credentials aside, burress doesn't think one person will cut crime in oakland but at a media conference yesterday, police chief howard jordan seemed willing to give it a t
brave mom. live in oakland, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> we know the identity of the man shot and killed bypolice this morning. ktvu's ann rubin is live where many questions remain surrounding today's shooting. his friends said he worked at a hair salon and they have many questions about how this happened. >> reporter: what began with a 911 call ended with gunfire. police say they responded here to the apartments and were met by an armed man. >> they were concerned. >> reporter: officers were forced to shoot. the man died at the scene. happened at 3:15 a.m. >> i was asleep. i heard 8-10 shots. quite a bit. >> saw 6-10 officers with a lot of gunfire and screaming. >> reporter: neighbors were terrified and took cover. >> we stayed inside and hit the ground and stayed down. we were scared. >> reporter: investigators say this was not a domestic dispute. friends of the man say he was a hair dresser who was hard working, kind and known to meditate. they are shocked. neighbors say they are shocked too. >> we are human being. we have to think first before we act because the conse
. . >> members of an oakland youth group say someone stole $1,000 dollar from them after they landed in florida yesterday. they traveled to fort lauderdale to attend a conference there. they had had worked months to save money for their air fair, lodging and food. they left the the rental van to eat and that's when thieves broke in. >> we're out here many miles away from home with no one to contact or ask for help. >> the youth group still plans to attend to conference. >> foster city police are reminding residents there to lock their vehicles after nine break ins this week. six vehicles were burglarized in one area and three more in other. --. there is some encouraging news on the jobs front. s new figures show jog job growth exceeded forecasts. in addition the unemployment rate fell to 7.7%. that's the lowest in about four years. analyst say while the job growth is modest, the labor market withstood the impacts o of sandy. >> many of those jobs are being created in our area. >> ken, these restaurants here on north 1st street are packed during the day and they're pretty busy at night. the
moving through the peninsula. look at the current situation as we look. you can see oakland through redwood. nothing like we saw just about 10, 15 minutes ago. here's a hot spot out here near milpitas. you're seeing this is heavy rain right in these areas. these cells pretty impressive but i have to tell you what we were going through about an hour ago, 45 minutes ago is really impressive more than what we saw here. evergreen you're starting to clear out. over here by, pardon me by santa clara you're seeing this heavy rain. so you're seeing the widely scattered showers. the spot of concern is out toward gilroy and morgan hill. rainfall rates right here coming up to an inch and a half to 2-inches an hour. it's a fast moving little cell that's moving through here. the rainfall rate is very, very strong. when we get back we got the latest computer model and i'll give you an idea of what you can expect. you have more showers in the forecast. the main event that just happened that's what you heard on your rooftop just a little bit ago. we'll see you back here. >>> the recent storms are b
the hardest. >>> oakland police arrested a suspect in a brutal attack of a teen girl with autism who was founds severely beaten. the victim's father said police arrested a 36-year-old man. the 16-year-old victim walked away from the youth center last tuesday. she was found two days later on a muni bus. her father also believes she was sexually assaulted. >> by looking at my daughter, i know what happened. i know what happened. the police know what happened but the police aren't discussing it with me. >> police confirmed the arrest but not releasing any other details. >>> school was locked down after gunfire broke out after 11:30 a.m. this morning. the lock down was lifted about 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. a school district spokesman said police said they happen investigating a home invasion. police detained one person. >>> another school was locked down after police were called to the campus at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. teachers and staff had students stay inside classrooms till the lock down was over. police haven't released details. >>> the oscar grant case back in court today. a san
lives and get breaking news wherever you go. >>> we have developing news now out of oakland a man has been shot to death. news chopper 2 was over the scene an hour ago. police received a report of gun shots around 3:30 p.m. this afternoon. they found a man gunned down near 83 avenue and "d" street. there are no suspects and the man's identity hasn't been released. investigators are asking anyone with information to call oakland police. >>> we have new information now on that san francisco police officer accused of racing through a tunnel reaching speeds up to 100 miles per hour. we learned the surgent has been reassigned to administrative duty with no public contact. police are not saying where he was transferred to. a facebook page had the video. it showed a sports car speeding through the broadway tunnel. >>> barry bonds has a court date for his obstruction of justice conviction. oral arguments for set for next year. he was convicted of one count for giving an evasive replay during grand jury appearance. the case will be heard by a three judge panel in san francisco. >>> the state's
of homes and gaining momentum in oakland. police showed off 97 guns turned in. that brings the total number turned in to 397. the man funding the program homes it goes statewide. >> from san diego, orange county, los angeles, sacramento, this is easily a statewide initiative. >> he run as medical marijuana dispensary. he says seeing the gun violence in oakland prompted him to take action. >>> worker suffered serious injuries today when a steel beam fell on him. happened this morning. officials say the employee is believed to be 19-20 years old. he was rushed to the hospital. the company has not commented on the accident. >>> pg&e is raising its rates. it is part of the fall out from the san bruno gas pipeline explosion and the inspections. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar is live in san bruno with the increase many californians must now cover. tom? >> reporter: it all began here in this neighborhood. pg&e customers will pay $300 million over the next two years. >> that is not nearly enough. from the standpoint of many other parties it is too much. >> they didn't do the job they were suppose
out. >>> crews are keeping a close watch on a hillside in oakland. a small mudslide left debris on the streets, including rocks and tree branches. >>> and we got rain around here. a bunch of rain yesterday. how are we doing for rainfall? what you will see here are a couple cities, santa rosa, san francisco, san jose, impressive when you look at santa rosa, 172% of average. 143 in san francisco. last year at this time they were doing 50, 30% of average. we are doing really well. what is happening now? we are watching this area. it will move through the area as we get into tomorrow. most of the showers will start later in the day. not as heavy rain. not as much wind but there will be showers. i will tell you when it starts and ends and what you can expect. >> thank you. >> video, a driver had to be plucked after his truck was surrounded by raging waters near livermore. a chp helicopter crew was called into rescue the man. you can tell it was dark. the chopper hovered over the truck to make the rescue. this happened about 9:00 last night. he was stranded in a creek. it was there fo
. at times today, the rain pounded down, forcing people to scramble for over. oakland's farmers market is open, rain or shine, depending on the foot traffic. farmers here have even more reason to watch the skies. >> we need the rain for our crops and for our apples, but then for market, we need the rain to lessen up so we can actually sell. >> reporter: plenty of people said the rain didn't slow them down. >> a little wet. farmers are getting wet, getting wet, but came out with our french vegetables and my mom's here from north carolina. so we're just getting our umbrellas and charging through. >> reporter: the rain did cause problems for drivers throughout the bay area. in lafayette this morning, a drain backed up on the pleasant hill onramp to highway 24 and flooded the roads. cal trans says tomorrow may be even worse. >> they say heavy rain more tomorrow. i thought this would be the lighter storm. we'll, we'll see. >> reporter: and the travel troubles don't stop there. san francisco international airport is saying the weather is leading to delays for flights west of denver. these pa
area today. volunteers gathered at the main mail distribution center in oakland to help santa responsibility to letters sent by children to santa at the nor pole. for a closer look, go to look under bay area living. >>> mark's here now with spores. a lot of people trying to come to terms with what happened to the 49ers sunday against the rams. >> it's definitely one of of those losses that sticks in your craw. everybody knows the nfl is the what have you done for me lately league. it's teem to move on much so many ways the 49ers could have beaten the rams in st. louis, even the last drive by the rams, they could have gone three and out. niners had time left to win the game in overtime. there you see it. they've got the winning kick. there it goes. the good news is the niners claim nobody's pointing fingers at each other. >> as team, we're in it as a team. with we have to find a way to try and get that w no matter what the circumstance is. they have to drive the ball on the defense, so regardless, we need to go three and out and stop them. no chance to come back and t
teenage girls recently in oakland. police say 18-year-old dianty powell was charged with two counts of murder with special circumstances. and 19-year-old antonio edwards is being charged with being an accessory. police say 15-year-old raquel gerstel and 16-year-old bobbie sartain were skiting in a parked car. they say an argument began with both of the girls being shot over and over on the street. police say more than 30 shots were fire. a 16-year-old boy was also in the car but that boy has not been charged. >>> livermore police are looking into the death of a woman. officers were called to the parking lot this morning about 6:30. they found a woman inside an rv who was pronounced dead. police say there was no sign of trauma. the coroner will work now to try and determine the cause of death. >>> belmont police want your help identifying a man suspected of robbing a u.s. bank around noon today. police say he didn't show a weapon. a silver sedan was seen speeding southbound, but police are not sure if that vehicle is connected. >> the city of san jose took a step toward convert ago f
this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. >>> the san francisco and oakland police departments announced the results from their gun buy back events. 600 guns are now off the streets. many were prompted to turn in their weapons because of the mass shooting in connecticut. the cash for the buy back was donated by a owner of a medical marijuana. >>> they are reviewing their investment in a security firm. a spokesman said they are deciding how to move forward in light of the tragedy. in march they invested $700 million in the firm that controls fire arms. >>> new at 6:00 p.m. the shooting in connecticut is causing concern over the issue of mental health. ktvu's rob roth is live where one organization is working hard to help young people suffering from mental illness. >> some parents are voicing concerns to protect their children from the world and protect the world from their child. >> reporter: she is a psychologist who works with teens and young adults with mental health. she says an early warning sign is isolation. >> struggling with depression or schizophrenia or a lot of anxie
. among them school districts in oakland, san francisco, san jose and west contra costa. you can join the conversation if you like. ktvu viewers are debating the proposal. tell us what you think. we'd like to hear. look for ktvu channel 2 on facebook. >>> the nra also took aim at violent video games today. john fowler is talking to mental health professionals about the conflicting research on that issue. >> christmas is now just four days away. rob roth is live in san francisco where he talked with two charities trying to make this holiday a little brighter for those in need. >> reporter: we're inside glide church. we think we just found santa's secret stash. there are more than 8000 toys here sorted out depending on age and boy or girl. volunteers are expecting to give out these toys beginning tomorrow morning. volunteers unloaded the toys by the truckload earlier this afternoon. they will go to needy children who otherwise night not get any presents for christmas. they have come by a massive toy drive that appears to have been very successful. >> we have more bags than we've ever ha
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